When you have an outdoor event such as barbecue, a poolside party, or any other event, a gazebo can be a great help. It will shelter you and your guests from the scorching sun as well as rain since it is waterproof. If you need privacy, you can have the side panels fully down. What’s more, this temporary shelter is easy to put up and to disassemble once your event is over.

Here are some unusual ways you can put a gazebo to use:

As a Pop-Shop

a temporary shop from a gazeboIf you are in any business and you would wish to create awareness about your company, you could use a gazebo as a pop-shop. You can erect the shelter in a busy parking lot, recreation center, in trade fairs, or even a shopping center.

One thing, though, you could need a permit from the local authorities. With a little investment, you will have a temporary structure in which you can meet your clients and explain to them what your company offers. You could even sell some of your merchandise, such as stationery or confectionery, from it.

Kids’ Playhouse

Do you want to make your kids a bit happy? Gift them with a playhouse. A gazebo would make a perfect playhouse when the sides are fully covered, and the children can feel like they have a real house of their own from which they can play. The shelter will enable you to get the kids out of the house to avoid them messing with your electronics and other things. And it will be safe no matter the weather outside since it has a waterproof roof and sides. You can add some chairs and tables in the structure, and even the toys and books and your kids will be busy there for many hours.

Temporary Storage

temporary store gazeboIf you are having repairs and renovations happening in your main house, you could use a gazebo as temporary storage for your belongings. During summer, the structure will serve you well without the need for more additions.

Still, if it is in winter or rainy season, you should get extra protection, like solid PVS walls to offer temperature control and shield you and your possessions from the winds or other adverse elements.

A gazebo is indeed a significant investment, as you can see from the above discussion. You can also use it for beach parties or for team building activities, as well as place to keep your potted plants.