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How to Make your Droopy Eyelids Tight

An eyelid is one of the most delicate organs of the body. It is vital and important to take care of our eyelids. A droopy skin on the eyelids is a sign of your skin losing its elastic ability. It can be a sign of ageing or otherwise. At times, it may interfere with vision. There are many ways to make the skin cover of your eyelids become tighter. Some of the ways are discussed below.

Eye Exercises

woman with long hairThis is a simple practice that any human being with eyes can commit to. This can be done for only ten minutes in a day. This will lead to tightening your hooded eyelids. This is achieved by raising the eyebrows and holding the skin above in its place using either your hands or your fingers. Then you will be required to close the eyes and move them in different directions randomly without a specific pattern and hold them in a specific direction for at least eight seconds. Repeat this exercise several numbers of times in a day for better effects.

Application of Anti-Aging Cream

You can apply this cream to tighten your hooded eyelids and make them look softer and beautiful. It is recommended that products having a chemical called copper peptide is good for your skin and reduces fine linings on the skin. Caution should be taken while choosing anti-aging substances or creams so that they cannot injure the tissues around the eyes or even cause temporary blindness.

Eyelid Thermage

This is a beauty treatment by the use of radio waves. This can be used to tighten the skin of the eyelids by use of heat. The heat applied reaches the collagen in the skin causing it to tighten as well as promotes further producing of the collagens. The method has been scientifically proven and hence most advised over the others since its very effective.

Use of Eyelid Lift

This is a special product medically produced for eyelid tightening. The actual product is called EYE SECRETS. It makes you look young and fresh. It is made both for upper and lower eyelid tightening. This is recommended and has better results than going for eyelid surgery. This product is known for immediate results because it uses an adhesive strip which has effects on droopy eyelids.

Use of Eggs Whites

woman with blue eyesThis has been known to tighten and make the skin firm. It has an immediate effect almost close to an EYE SECRET. It is achieved by applying the egg white on the washed eyelids. You wait until it dries on the eyelids. You can apply this two to three times in two days.

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Stress And Anxiety Treatment Through Pet Therapy

Pet therapy continues to be a popular discipline in medicine. This form of therapy helps people recover from different health problems. It is commonly known as animal-assisted therapy, which is a structured interaction between an animal and a person. This interaction involves handlers. The handlers are volunteers or pet owners. This form of therapy has a goal of helping people recover from different health conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, stroke, mental illnesses, and post-traumatic stress.

Use of pet therapy

Pet therapy is founded on pre-existing human-animal bond. It is a form of relationship, which helps human beings cope with mental, social, and mental stressors. Cats and dogs are some of the boy hugging dogcommon pets used in this type of therapy. Moreover, some other types of animals are used if they pass the screening. This is a physical examination of the animal to check whether it is free of diseases and immunized. The animal must undergo some obedience courses. This is necessary to ensure that it does not cause harm to the patient. Also, the handler is instructed and oriented about appropriate patient interaction.

Therapy starts by letting animal together with the handler to visit a certain patient. In each meeting, the set goals are achieved. For instance, if the pet therapy concerns meeting an abused child that has stopped interacting and talking to other people, the healthcare providers set goals for the meeting.

In this case, the goal to be set is to improve the kid’s interest to his or her surroundings by revealing cues such as touching the dog, smiling it, or touching it. After achieving such goals, the healthcare provider will come up with other goals for next meeting. This will continue until the child recovers from his or her traumatic experience.

Animal-assisted therapy is useful in reducing anxiety among children. A child that has undergone an invasive procedure or operation should undergo this form of therapy. In this case, a relationship that is developed between the animal and human can help touch or induce relaxation of the body and mind.

In health care settings, the interaction of animals with patients helps facilitate communication. This is useful for people that are depressed and those who have traumatic experiences. This form of interaction encourages people to talk, get them back to reality, and show emotions.

This form of therapy is not only useful to patients but also to all other people. In fact, it has positive effects on family members that are prone to extreme stress.