There are various types of team building events that you can choose for your team. The vest chosen can either be nerve-wracking or exciting and fun. Managers who make the right decisions are considered as heroes within their organizations.

The events chosen should help your team in building cohesion and improving their morale at the workplace. It is important to invest your resources and time when organizing team–building activities. Being organized can help you in planning events that are enjoyable for your organization. The following are the proven tips that can help you in making a wise decision when choosing team building activities for your organization.

Consider Volunteer Work


A team can volunteer to work on some projects that are beneficial to the local community. Most people love spending time doing something that can help others. Taking part in a volunteer project is the best way of involving everyone who feels positive about such activities. You can plan to serve a meal for the local shelters or organize clothing drive events.

Scheduling Your Events During Work Hours

Most people don’t like putting in extra time attending mandatory events. Again, people have other plans for the weekends or evenings. It is important to schedule your events on a Friday rather than spending your weekend at the workplace. You should also provide food if you are hosting some activities over breakfast or lunch. The vacation schedules of your team should also be considered. Ideally, you should avoid organizing your activities when most people are on vacation.

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Encouraging Collaboration, not Competition


Choosing activities that encourage your team to work together is a great idea. The element of the contest should not be there in team building activities because some people might focus on winning at the expense of learning something. Learning how to work together is the key to solving problems and issues that affect the performance of your employees.

Setting Clear Expectations

Let your staff known the purpose of team building events. They can also help you in coming up with efficient processes and intergrading other learning activities. However, you should avoid giving away all secrets about the activities that will be taking place.