Drug abuse is a significant problem today in most countries particularly in places like educational institutions and jobs to mention a couple. Are you looking to weed out some of the bad apples on the payroll? Do you wish to screen applicants so that you don’t end up hiring drug addicts? Well, drug testing is becoming more and more popular. In fact, advances in technology and a better understanding of the human anatomy have led to the development of accurate and easy to use testing systems that can be utilized anywhere.

The benefits of drug testing at the workplace

Decreased absenteeism

Employees who use illegal drugs have a tendency of missing work without concrete reasons. However, drug tests will help you identify such employees and get rid of them so that you only remain with staff having a passion for their job.

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Increased productivity

Illegal drugs will reduce the productivity of your employees, and they will not be able to complete the tasks that they are given on time. Testing will ensure that you only remain with the right people for the job and that you maximize productivity at your office.

Reduced theft

Employees using illicit drugs are more likely to steal at the workplace compared to employees that are clean. To reduce the chances of theft don’t fail to screen employees regularly at your place of work.

Customer satisfaction

If you shy away from screening your employees, those that use banned substances will not be able to function at the highest level and clients will always be forwarding complaints about them. To improve customer satisfaction screen your employees thoroughly and frequently.

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Diminished incidences of fighting

People that use drugs are short tempered and tend to fight with their colleagues instead of focusing on important business. To safeguard other employees from such hot heads screening is a must.

Lessened cases of extended vacations

Studies have shown that drug users tend to extend their vacations and can cost your business a fortune if you are not careful. On the other hand, those that are drug-free report to work on time and will give you a piece mind because you won’t have ever to worry about them extending their vacations.


many tubesIf you employ a drug addict, the chances are that they will introduce other employees that are close to them to drugs the same way corrupt or dishonest employees can change the minds of other honest and sincere employees. Don’t taint the reputation of your company by hiring the wrong employees. Hire the best drug testing companies to add a healthy environment to your department.