You’ve probably clicked this article because you’ve seen someone else’s dog, or you just finished watching on dogs videos. So, you might be wondering how it feels to have a puppy and let us tell you that it is not easy. Sure when being compared to a baby it’s much easier, but puppies still require constant attention and commitment for you to raise. If you’re thinking to buy or adopt a puppy, make sure to read this article because we’re going to tell you some things that you should know before having a puppy. Read more to know about it.


moneyIt requires a lot of money to have a puppy because you’re going to have to buy more than just their food. They would need a lot of things such as a brush if you got a long-haired dog, a cage, a bed (unless you’re okay with them sleeping on the floor), a leash and many more depending on the situation. PetClever is one of the sites that you can check in case you don’t like going out to buy pet supplies and would rather shop online.


dogDifferent breeds come in different sizes and hair. Certain breeds might trigger someone’s allergy so you might want to get a breed that’s safe for people who have an allergy. At the same time, smaller breeds are cheaper to take care of than the bigger breeds since they require less food, but they are more suitable to become a family dog. Bigger breeds are more expensive than the smaller, breeds but they can become a guard dog in case you need one.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Put cables behind a sofa or other furniture, have some barricades so that your puppy can’t enter your living room without your surveillance and lastly make sure to put away all chewable objects out of sight. Doing this will make sure that you’re happy and your puppy is safe from any harm.

Lint Roller

We can’t stress how beautiful the lint roller is, especially when you have long-haired dogs. Puppy sheds, even when you’re using a shampoo that prevents them from shedding, so expect a lot of hair on your clothes, sofa and many more. If you want to take care of this problem, all you need to do is to buy a lint roller. They’re cheap and can easily take care of the hair. It can also reach small places, so invest in one right away.