An auto accident report is imperative as it documents all the necessary details concerning an accident. If you have been involved in a car crash previously, then you are most probably aware of the details of these reports and how they are filed. However, for those who are involved in auto accidents for the first time, it may be quite hard to understand how these reports are prepared and filed. Some of the details included in the reports are such as the accident’s cause, injuries and damages suffered, and resulting citations.

When To File An Auto Accident Report

man holding headMost states and countries have their own provisions on when auto accident reports should be submitted. As such, it is advisable to find out the government’s rules on filing accident reports depending on your location of residence. However, some instances prompt the immediate filing of accident reports. These include:

  • When there is significant damage to property caused by accident.
  • When there is damage to government property due to the accident.
  • When an accident results in the injury or death of 1 or more people.
  • When there is enough proof of issuing a traffic citation to the person responsible for the accident.
  • When you are planning to file an insurance claim for compensation due to losses/damages incurred because of the accident.

While these situations may differ depending on the severity of the accidents, it is important to file accident reports in all cases even when very little damage/injury is suffered. In addition to containing details about the accident, these reports also contains names of witnesses.

Filing An Auto Accident Reports

There several ways you can use for officially filing an auto accident report. The most common easiest way is filing the report with the police. When using this option, you should call the police immediately after the accident has occurred and the accident scene has not been interfered with. The police take statements from all the parties involved in the accident and record the probable causes of the accident as well as the damages suffered. After filing the report, the officer should provide you with the accident report number which acts as a reference when taking legal actions or seeking insurance compensation.

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Getting The Auto Accident Report

If you need to get the accident report for whatever reason whether to seek compensation or due to ongoing legal action, you should contact the authority (police/law enforcement agency) that investigated the accident. For accidents that occur within the town or city, the local police department is the best place to get the report. State highway department mostly deals with auto accidents happening on the highway. In some states and countries, there are charges for obtaining an accident report from the law enforcement agencies. Use the accident report number (given when filing the report) to get the report.

Auto accidents are not only very traumatic but are also quite costly especially if there are penalties and fines arising from the accident. To avoid suffering additional sanctions, it is important to ensure that you file and get an accident report with the authorities.