There are many types of law. One of the types that are quite commonly known and used in the work environment is employment law. Many lawyers specialize in employment law. There are also different types of employment laws.

Workers’ Compensation Law


This type of law comes into effect if an employee develops an illness or becomes injured because of conditions that are work-related. Many lawyers specialize in this type of legislation.¬†When prerequisites are fulfilled, then a worker who experienced a work-related illness or injury is eligible to file a lawsuit against the company to get a certain amount of money in the form of workers’ compensation.

Workplace Safety Laws

Employers are required to keep the work environment healthy and safe for employees to work in. The safety of the workplace needs to be according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Lawyers who pursue this type of law will deal with protecting employees from workplace safety hazards. Some recognized hazards include exposure to toxic chemicals, extreme noise, mechanical dangers, and unsanitary conditions. Protection also applies to employees from infectious diseases, repetitive injuries, and others.

Labor Relations Laws

attorneyThis type of law deals with employees that engage in union activities. Lawyers in this field will protect those employees. An employer is not allowed to discriminate against a worker due to participation in a union. There is a National Labor Relations Act that states that employees must be rehired and compensated back pay if they are fired for union participation.

Family and Medical Leave Laws

A lawyer who works in this field will most likely be handling cases surrounding employee leaves. Within a twelve month period, an employee’s unpaid leave is up to twelve weeks. They are also allowed to take time off work for pregnancy needs, to take care of a newborn baby, to care for a family member who is sick, for child adoption or foster care. An employee who has been working for more than 1250 hours during the past twelve months is allowed to take legal action if the employer doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities.

Compensation and Child Labor Laws

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Lawyers for this type of law deals with the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are overtime pay regulations as well as a federal minimum wage that has been set. There are also guidelines on the employment of people who are under the age of eighteen. Legal action can be taken if they are not met.

Immigrant Employment Laws

The Immigration Reform and Control Act must be upheld by lawyers who practice this type of law. This law makes it illegal for employers to recruit or hire any known illegal immigrants. They also cannot employ immigrants who are not authorized to work in the country. Attorneys who specialized in immigrant employment law will be working mostly on those types of cases.